hey girl, I love your writing. I was wondering how you got it into pictures like that with the font and stuff, and if its a specialized app if there was any way you could make one for me? :) → exploreable

Hey! I just type it into word with whatever font and size i feel like, then screenshot it and upload the picture. If you have a Mac you screenshot by pressing command+shift+alt4. Hope this helps! :)

Hello lovely followers! I’ve been on a hiatus for a little due to a summer consisting of a month long hiking trip through the yellowstone region and a two week trip to seattle and alaska, and then a busy and stressful start to a new semester. Thankfully everything is beginning to simmer down, so I will be able to both write and post more writing. I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer!

hello fall
The messy bun on the top of my head is starting to droop down the side and I think that’s a metaphor for my life.
jfk (Sep. 8)
Stay away from me
Drunken Words
White Dwarf Post-Supernova
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